[Download] Jeffery Songs – Mama – @JeffreyOgbonna

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Jeffery Songs – Mama – @JeffreyOgbonna

Talented Music Minister Jeffery Songs is really not resting in delivery top notch songs. Following the successful release of his first major collaboration with EVoice titled Liquid Love still making waves across the country, has returned with another tune to celebrate 2019 Mothers day. The song Mama will continue to resonate as it is passionately delivered with lyrics that encourages everyone to celebrate their mother and women in general.
Often times we are too engrossed with pursuing personal pleasure that we forget the sacrifices our mother made for us. The new song Mama is a wake up call to everyone to show their mother love while they are with us. This song is very personal to me and i hope it blesses you as you reach out today and always to your Mama. Jeffery
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