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Gabiro Mtu Necessary – Chances

Death they say takes no bribes and as a matter of fact nobody wants to die. It is however a known fact that we are all headed to the grave and only the day and time differs.
The manner of death might also differ with some dying from sickness, others from accidents while some are just victims of murder.
The Music industry has lost some big names since time in memorial. Many legends have died natural deaths while some have been killed by rogue individuals who did not want to see their stars shine any further.
American Rapper Joyner Lucas headed to church to plead with a higher power as to why he’s taken so many legends from our society, but has decided to leave us with those that have lived a life of crime or individuals Lucas simply believes aren’t worthy of life.
Lucas paid tribute to those lost such as Nipsey Hussle, XXXTentacion, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Eazy-E, Aaliyah, Trayvon Martin, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.
He dropped the official Visuals to his Video titled Devil’s Work and it immediately went Viral with a number of Artistes and Fans sharing their thoughts on the same.
Kenyan Rapper Gabiro Mtu Necesary has also joined the bandwagon and has dropped a new single off the new world controversial hit.
He continues, “If at any time any of us will feel so much offended that they can never forgive, I would like to remind them that we are all sinning so may God forgive me coz I am just singing.”
For someone to want a tragedy like death to befall you they really must have had the toughest time of their life keeping up with you but who are we to judge yet we are all sinning.

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