[Interviews] Laolu Gbenjo on DelcareStarTrek – @iamlaolugbenjo

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Laolu Gbenjo on DelcareStarTrek – @iamlaolugbenjo

Declareworld: Can we meet with you, What is your name ?

Laolu Gbenjo: My name is Olalaolu Olagbenjo, but most people call me Laolu Gbenjo and I have adopted that and loved it so I can just say my name is Laolu Gbenjo.

Declareworld: Please our audience might like to know what your childhood, growing up, midlife crisis, relationship and all that was like ?….

Laolu Gbenjo: Well, I came from a very humble background, grew up in Oshogbo and never did I have any dream of living anywhere near Lagos, nonetheless making a life in Lagos. I loved my oshogbo passionately such that when I decided to visit lagos, 2 weeks after I wanted to go back, or rather i was bent on going back. I’ve had series of midlife crisis, most of which i encountered the worst part as i visited Lagos. My staying in Lagos Now is all thanks to God, my then Lady friend who is now mother of my Children, she encouraged and gave me more than a thousand reasons to fight well…well all I would say is, life wasn’t fair to me while growing up but my love for God and the zeal to make a headway in life was what made my growing up a story to tell.

Declareworld: How did the whole Music thing start ?

Laolu Gbenjo: Music has being in the family, and I have always found myself in the choir from a tender age, and that I can say is where it started from.

Declareworld: So why Contemporary High life Music, what’s the drive and what fuels your passion

Laolu Gbenjo: Well I love motherland so much, that I feel why should we even sing English songs. For me,I high life Music connects with us more as a people, it connects with me as an artist, and I feel very comfortable and more also it gives me this assurance that my audience understand my music, there i nothing as assuring as seeing your audience stand up and dance to your music. I just love Nigeria, the sound and rhythm that comes from the music, and that has open many doors for me as a minister.

Declareworld: So much flyers we see your name on it, and most of them are praise event, such that we have had people say Laolu is a praise Machine. so what is your take on praise and where does that energy come from, does it mean you don’t attend worship events ?

Laolu Gbenjo:  Very funny !! I do much of praise songs when I minister basically because that is our access to the Father and that comes from the scriptures that state, “I will with thanksgiving and his court with praise” so for me Leading Gods people in praise is a necessity for the miraculous, and less I forget I attend worship events as at the deep core of every minister is the Spirit of Worship. My energy comes from the knowing that miracles are born during praise and that is enough strength. I Have had series of testimonies personally by leading others in Praise, nothing could be that reassuring.

Declareworld: Your recent Ministration was in COZA, tell us your experience ?

Laolu Gbenjo: WAOW, WAOW, indescribable! there are no words to describe it, I’m humbled by the way Gospel minsters are treated with honour in the ministry, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is a blessing to this Generation I must tell you. It is the Best Experience I’ve had so far in my entire music career, the Hospitality is out of this world, its amazing, I have never seen this before in my life, I have heard about COZA, but by the time I saw things myself, I was in total Shock.  God Bless Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Declareworld:  Waow , we would like to know if you have plans in helping upcoming artistes, we see that you recently began to introduce A Strong Lady Artist name  Palmira in some of your Ministrations. Is she part of your Label ?

Laolu Gbenjo: Yes, Having a record label is part of my plans , but whoever I am going to take must have what it takes. As for Palmira, the First time I heard her sing, I couldn’t believe my ears, her talent is not what I can describe, I practically walked up to her and asked her what she was doing with her talent,  that was how she became someone I can vouch for in the industry, her spiritual life is also worth emulating.

Laolu Gbenjo: I do not encourage anyone to rush into marriage, the truth is, ministry is never a complete institution without the family institution, and every single minister out there never wish to be single, because marriage is ministry on its own. Of-cos everyone wants someone to rely on, and every single mother or father running ministry never wished so when they head-out at first, but thing goes wrong at times, that is why my take on marriage is that no one should not rush into it, it is a delicate matter, it is for matured men and women, and single fathers and mothers needs our support and prayers, in fact every minsters out there needs the prayer of the saint.

Declareworld: What do you do outside of music for leisure ?

Laolu Gbenjo: I try to rest, I visit the gym to keep fit, go to cinemas to relax

Declareworld: What Should expect from you anytime from now ?

Laolu Gbenjo: I am planning my annual gospel with other Young and Vibrant gospel Artist, and also dropping another album this year.

Declareworld: As we round up, what word of advice do you have for your fans, and what next thing should we expect from you ?….     

Laolu Gbenjo: Okay, keep on keeping on, work hard, work smart, work with your head, follow the principle of life, do not over “spiritualise” everything and always believe God for next level…..   
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