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Exclusive Interview with International Gospel Artiste

Tracy Tolota

Min Tracy Tolota

Min Tracy Tolota is a gospel artist that hails from Edo state Nigeria, She changed her name when she moved to the US from Osamudiamen Ogiozee to Tracy Ogiozee.


Until she got married and later changed her Last Name to Tolota, She schooled in Delta state Nigeria, both her primary and secondary school education then later went to LASU for Diploma in science.


Before traveling to the United states to further her education at Christ for the nations Institute Dallas Dallas TX. Her school days was wonderful because she was a straight A student like the best in academics and self conduct, which attracted the positions of female VICE PRESIDENT, class prefect etc.

Min Tracy - Tolota

So it was all great memories in Nigeria, in America her education was more biblical, She stated that “I can say I treasure those days because it gave me good foundation for ministry today, my only challenge was being in a foreign country as an international student.. yes it was not easy but the experience was valuable and helpful.”

One on One Chat 

Declareworld: First things first tell us your name?

Tracy Tolota: Tracy Tolota

Declareworld: What do you like doing in your spare time?

Tracy Tolota: My spare time which I hardly get LOL, I love listening to music and ministering to people online, I am always behind on that and I confess there are so many people who needs counseling, prayers or
just to reaching out to.

Declareworld: Who is your celebrity crush?

Tracy Tolota: Celebrity crush mmm when I was younger yes I could have called names but right now I only have people I admire both home and abroad, some circular for their hard work and some believers for grace upon their lives so I will say Jennifer Lopez is a woman I admire so much her strength and skill for what she does amazes me, I love Sinach the Grace of God upon her ministry is overwhelming.

Declareworld: Are you single?

Tracy Tolota: No am married.

Min Tracy Tolota

Declareworld: How would someone get your special attention?

Tracy Tolota: If you are HONEST you will get my attention , honesty means so much to me.

Declareworld: What has been your best/worst date?

Tracy Tolota: Lol it’s been more than 15yrs I got married cant remember LOL but I can say my husband was my best date las Las..

Declareworld: Would you date a fan?

Tracy Tolota: If I was single NO … am a very deep person I am not moved by ordinary words,

Declareworld: What would you change your name to?

Tracy Tolota: NO I think I did that already before and after marriage

Declareworld: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Tracy Tolota: O my I hate COMPETITION am not motivated by it.and I also hate to do what people do, its doesn’t help my creativity.

Declareworld: What’s your annoying habit?

Tracy Tolota: mmm procrastination am guilty of it, even though I think I crowd
myself with too much to do on my list.

Declareworld: Do you get used to being a celebrity?

Tracy Tolota: mmm YES because I see decided to SEE and CALL myself a MINISTER
of GOD from beginning this mindset keeps me sane and grounded.

Declareworld: What inspires you?

Tracy Tolota: What inspires me most in Ministry is when I see anyone operating
under MASSIVE GRACE am moved to go deeper in God.

Declareworld: Do you speak any other languages?

Tracy Tolota: Yes am edo, but I speak little of Delta language Urhobo and Yoruba

Declareworld: Where would you like to visit?

Tracy Tolota: O yess FRANCE AND CHINA on my mind soon!!!

Declareworld: If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now?

Tracy Tolota: BUSINESS MOGUL, FASHION EXPERT, AND A NURSE I still will do all these though.

Tracy - Tolota

Declareworld: Who are your mentors?

Tracy Tolota: my number 1 mentor is my FATHER Rev David Ogiozee.though I have others that have truly inspired me over the years.

Declareworld: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

Tracy Tolota: I read Kanye West have decided to make only gospel music, that was great news for me.. the world is running to God, let’s open the doors for them to come in.

Declareworld: What would you like remembered about you?

Tracy Tolota: That am A TRUE SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, that I Loved God and people. That is my legacy

Declareworld: How do you react to rumors that are sometimes directed to you?

Tracy Tolota: I have tried to stay out of controversy so it’s never really been a problem.. but I won’t respond to rumors because its will turn problematic just live a pure and transparent life as much as you can.

Declareworld: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Tracy Tolota: I want them to serve God with all their hearts , GOD is a rewarded of they that diligently seek him. That GOD will never leave them if  hold unto him.


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FB: Min Tracy Tolota (Gospel Artist) | IG: @ministertracy | Twitter: @ministertracy | email: tracytolotaii@yahoo.com

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