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Most High God by Dammie Praise

Most High God

“Most high God” was written by Damilola Oluwagbenga a.k.a Dammie Praise who was born in Lagos Nigeria. He is a worshiper, instrumentalist, music producer and music coach. With a vibrant and committed vocalist strength.

After several years of music playing with the guitar, he decided to further his knowledge and music experience by attending Tenstrings Music Institute to study audio tech and music production.

This Track is produced by Hope Taku.
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Lord we worship you
Heaven and earth adore you
Even the angels worship you in heaven
They declare you as king of kings

In the the beauty of nature na you be king
You fine oh you fine o you’re so beautiful
All the world exalt you all the nation bow (2ce)
Lord you’re awesome in your way (4x

I will sing, I will exalt I will love your name
Indeed you’re the lord most high

Your goodness is ever true
You’re merciful and so merciful
All the world exalt you all the nation bow (2ce)
Your glory shines over the world (2ce)

No one else could give me joy
”     ”        ”      ”     make me feel this way
No one else could love me like you do 4 x


Connect with Damipraise via FB: Grant damilola oluwagbenga| IG: @dammiepraise| email:

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