[News] Meet Good samaritan who saved a fisherman from Dying

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 Meet Good Samaritan who saved a fisherman from Dying (Photos)

Indeed, there are still good Samaritans among us!
35-year old Ghanaian entrepreneur, Mr. Nyameba Edem Kofi Yevutsey
shared on his facebook timeline, an inspiring story of how he saved fisherman, Isaac Boateng from dying, according to the post, he said…
My last post as a 34 year old. I saved a life and I’m proud of it.  I was driving by when I saw this guy lying on the floor in the hot sun. Several people passed by him and just pulled out their phones and took pictures. Others insulted him for being a drunkard. But I stopped and got closer and asked what was wrong. With a faint voice I heard him say “I’m not drunk. I didn’t drink any alcohol”. I saw in his eyes pain and helplessness.  
In the hot afternoon sun I saw that he was shaking as though he felt cold. With the help of the police officer in the picture we carried him to a better place under a tree and gave him water. Then he asked for food and we gave him food. After eating he told us his story. 

His name is Isaac Boateng. A fisherman from Elmina. According to him these day when they go out to sea they don’t get any fish. So out of frustration he came to Tema to find work but after roaming through the city for a week without any success he started begging for food or asking to work – do any work for food. Most people just turned him away and others threatened him. 

Before he fell and collapsed on the streets of Tema community 11, before I found him he hadn’t eaten for 3 days. By the grace of God he is on his way back to Elmina right now with a little extra money in his pocket to keep him going for a few days. Apart from fishing Isaac also is a repairer of damaged bicycle tyres. 
He has learnt his lesson he told me. He promised me he’d stay in Elmina and not come foraging for opportunities in the city anymore. He said to me that the wickedness of the people in Tema surprised him most.


Once he gained some strength he became very chatty and I must say I enjoyed the time it spent talking to this human being. I learnt today to work harder and to make life better for others with the fruit of my labour. I learnt that in every body is a beautiful soul that needs care and love.

 Who knows whose life is at your mercy to save. Show a little kindness, lift a brother’s burden, save a soul today.

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