[News] Nigerians Need to work and stop praying too much – Osinbajo

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Nigerians Need to work and stop praying too much – Osinbajo

Nigeria’s acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has extolled the virtues of hard work. 
In  a meeting he had with middle-level civil servants on the implementation of Executive Orders, the acting president stressed on the need for hard work in the civil service, 
in his own words he said
“no matter how much you pray or fast our country cannot grow without doing the hard work that makes nations work.’’

“I want to urge that the future lies in our hands. Every generation of people owe the next generation a debt and that debt is paid by ensuring that we provide for the means for the next generation to survive. Or at least, we have a duty to ensure that we do not destroy the means of survival and prosperity of the next generation”, he continued.
“Great economies and great nations, prosperity and abundance of nations and communities are created by men and not spirits and I want to emphasise this point that those who make nations great are you and I, not spirits.” The former RCCG, Olive Tree provincial pastor stressed further.

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