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Weird Mc Gave her Life to Christ @weirdmcofficial

In a recent interview with fellow blogger Alex Amos of SelahAfrik, Nigerian female rapper and hip hop star WEIRD MC confirms.
She is now Born Again as she shares her salvation story and hints about forthcoming music.
Weird MC (born Adesola Adesimbo Idowu) is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and producer. Known for her English/Yoruba lyrics, Weird MC – also known as Shola Idowu and The Rappatainer – is one of Africa’s most popular female rappers, and one of the few Nigerian female artists associated with Afrobeat.

SelahAfrik: It was a delight to learn that you gave your life to Christ, can you tell us about your salvation story?
Weird MC: It was few months ago, I was coming from a very dark place; couple with the fact that I lost a very close friend, Nomoreloss. It’s really funny because there is this artiste who has always been with me; her name is Ayeesha, a northerner. I didn’t even know she was a Christian at first. She would encourage me to give my heart to Christ and I always reply her that I wasn’t ready because I am the kind of person that when I commit, I give everything. I don’t want to say today I’m saved and then tomorrow, I fall from grace again, but one afternoon, I dropped her at the church and then she asked that I come say hello to her pastor, who asked why I have been holding back. I just felt right there that it was time. I have been edging towards God with my life prior to the period so at that point, I just gave in and from then, I haven’t looked back. This was the 5th of April this year and so far so good it has been awesome. If I knew then the things I know now, I would have done so many things differently.
SelahAfrik: You have shown such tremendous spiritual growth in a short time, what aided the rapid growth?
Weird MC: I feed on the word every day. The way I feed my body, I feed my spirit as well. In addition, I like to listen to TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, David Jeremiah and more. I listen and read what these people are saying. I am constantly feeding my spirit and as long as you are doing that, growth will definitely take place. As I am feeding on these things, I am renewing and transforming my mind every day. If you don’t do this, before you realize it, you will start feeding the flesh again, and since you are dead to the flesh and sin, you have to separate yourself unto God. I’m not saying you should become paranoid or antisocial but be conscious of the fact that you are in the world yet not of the world. Also, you don’t have to take it to the extreme with a cut-throat mentality but be conscious of the fact that you are living by a different set of principle and that you now carry grace.
SelahAfrik: Now that you are born again, will this affect the kind of music you make?
Weird MC: Oh absolutely!  Naturally… you are still going to get the crazy Weird MC on stage but I must edify, I must fortify. I must use my platform because He has given me a gift and I must use the gift to bring people into the fold. People are asking me “Weird MC why [the sudden turn around], and I’m like why not?” He [God] directs my steps now.
“We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. I have to bear witness to the goodness of God.”
SelahAfrik: Everyone is eager to hear what your next single will sound like, when should we be expecting it?
Weird MC: It will come, trust me. I am working and writing. I see people like Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Tye Tribbett, Tasha Cobbs, J.Moss and I’m like wow! So, it will come soon. People are on the lookout saying, now that I am saved, are we going to get the same flavour? So definitely soon! God has been wonderful to me and I cannot deny His awesomeness in my life.
SelahAfrik: You have been working on your new album for a while now, with the recent development in your life, does this mean that some of the songs lined up for the album already will be affected too?
Weird MC: Of course, it will be affected. That does not mean you cannot be fly, be who you are and love God. Haa! They are still gonna get some of those energetic bangers! Definitely! Notwithstanding, as an ambassador of Christ, I must share the good news because we have been handed the keys to the Kingdom.
We Bless God For this soul!
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