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TY Bello – Cold – @tybello

This song that serves as a gentle memory, a subtle nudge and a silent wake-up call to social and civil responsibility. It carries in its rhythm, the sincere pain of the much needed political revival that the nation needs right now, simply because we are going too fast.
“I know exactly where I was when the petrol tanker exploded in Lagos last week and killed a lot of people.
I immediately took stock of my entire family to make sure everyone was safe at home. I remember the relief that I felt and the guilt that came immediately thereafter. I had no right to that help.
I remembered hundreds of people who had been killed in the Plateau State a few days earlier and I had similar tragedies in my mind. I was suddenly aware of my disconnect with the ins and outs of the country and I felt numb, hard and cold.
This song came a few minutes after the accident with the Otedola Bridge was broadcast on social media and I actually asked God to wipe the many layers that I had shielded in my heart so that I could normally stay in the middle of the chaos that becomes home for everyone.
We have all learned to turn away from what we see as a harsh reality for others. We have done this to protect our common sense, but it has only taken away our humanity. LIFE GOES ON TOO QUICKLY.
This song is primarily a call for me to heal; a call to repentance and remembrance. This song gave me the courage to make two years ago images that I had made about a personal assignment in the northeast.
I wanted to see for myself what was going on, so I spent time photographing different people affected by years of revolt. I spoke with children, with injured soldiers and families.
My desire to make sincere work that would help those in desperate need made me photograph these people with my heart open and raw. I was not nearly as strong as I thought I was and with the passage of time I slowly turned away from watching and sharing the work. I slowly turned around and looked for alternative ways to get involved.
In the last week I opened the folders again and I have seen my own images. It felt like a suitable representation of the song. As a country, I feel a very strong pressure on the future. We have to fight for it, but I believe that we have to go against this cold one way or another and that there really can not be a future unless we carry the weight of every Nigerian life in our hearts.
We are a nation that really needs healing and awakening. To move forward as we should, we must not forget to look back and rectify the mistakes. Every single one of us. In one way or another”.
–Ty Bello
This song with it photo video will surely send shivers down your spine and goosebumps all over your body.

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